Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt

My only son is five years old. *Sniff Sniff* We are done having baby boys in our home I guess. Matt the "big boy" is just as cute and fun though, and he certainly keeps us on our toes.


These days he loves animals, monster trucks (especially Grave Digger, which his daddy took him to see), computers and anything electronic, riding his bike (every day!), and his family. He is clearly the favorite sibling of all three girls. He is quick to share, always has a smile for the baby, and is not above playing Tinkerbelle, kitty cats, or any number of games the girls concoct. He always plays the dad...the kitten dad, the fairy dad, the princess dad (the king? hmm...)


His birthday started off with a morning at preschool, complete with a dozen cupcakes with blue icing and rainbow sprinkles. Carrie is in his class as well, so she was able to join in the festivities. Next I took him for a much needed haircut on the base. He loves getting his haircut, so that made for a fun birthday outing. We also visited the library. At each place we visited he managed to tell approximately ten people that it was in fact his birthday.

At home he had a small party with our family and three little boys from down the street. I set up some arts and crafts...which they did not care about. Instead they ate piles of cake, ice cream, and freshly cut watermelon before getting out every toy we own. I gave them free run of the place for about an hour, and then sent them all outside to play.

His birthday ended with a late night t-ball game for he and Beth's team. Big Matt took them to it since it started at 7:15 and was really too late for the baby girls. He said they played very well, and Matt had his team sing him "Happy Birthday."

Our next family birthday will be in June when little Miss Katy Ann turns one.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Matt! (who shares a b'day with my Rinny:) tiny he was at birth! *And* we have almost the exact same picture of Connor standing in front of Grave Digger when he was about 3 1/2!

I apologize it took me so long to 'find you!' ...for some reason my email comments won't let me reply to you, and I was under the impression that you didn't have a blog (?).

I've enjoyed your thoughtful comments so much <3